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Bộ lưu điện EXLS1 250KVA

Technical specifications bộ lưu điện EXLS1 250KVA

UPS Rating (kVA) 250KVA
Output Active Power at 104°F (40°C) (kW) 250KW
Input AC Parameters
Input Voltage to Rectifier/ Bypass (VAC)
480, 3-phase, 3-wire
Permissible Input Voltage Range +10%, -15%
Input Frequency (Hz)  60 ± 5Hz
Input Power Factor ≥ 0.99
Input Current Distortion (THDi) at Nominal Voltage at Full Load (%) ≤ 3.0
Power Walk-in (seconds) 1 to 90 (selectable in 1 second increments)
Battery & DC Parameters
Battery Type  Lithium ion, VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid), VLA (Vented Lead Acid)
Nominal Battery Bus (VDC) / Battery Float Voltage (VDC) 480 / 540
DC Ripple at Float Voltage  < 1.0% (RMS value) < 3.4% Vpp
Temperature Compensated Battery Charging Standard with Vertiv Battery Cabinets

Output Parameters

Load Power Factor Supported (Without Derating) 0.7 Leading to 0.4 Lagging
Output Voltage (VAC) 480, 3-phase, 3-wire
Output Voltage Regulation (%) / Output Voltage Regulation < 1.0 (3-phase RMS average) / < 2.0 (3-phase RMS average) (50% Unbalanced Load) (%)
Output Frequency (Hz)            60 ± 0.1%
Output THD at Nominal Voltage (Linear Load) (%) 1.5 (RMS value)
Output THD at Nominal Voltage including a 100kVA Non Linear Load per IEC 6204-3 (%) 5.0 (RMS value)
Translent Recovery 100%  Load Step / 50% Load Step / Loss of/ Return to AC Input Power ±4% / ±2% / ±2% (RMS average for one cycle)
Voltage Displacement (Balance Loads) / Voltage Displacement (50% Balance Loads) 120 deg ±1 deg / 120 deg ±2 deg
Overload at Nominal Voltage and 77°F (25°C) 110% continuously, 125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 200 miliseconds
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions with Standard I/O Cabinet, W x D x H 51.3 in x 36.0 in x 79.1 in
Dimensions with BFD or Sharing Inductor I/O Cabinet, W x D X H 63.2 in x 36.0 in x 79.1 in
Weight with Standard I/O Cabinet, Unpackaged 1869 lbs
Weight with BFD or Sharing Inductor I/O Cabinet, Unpackaged  2269 lbs (max)
Color  Black, RAL 7021
Protection Class, UPS Enclosure NEMA 1, IP 20 (with and without front door open)
Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95%, non-condensing
Operating Altitude Up to 3300 ft (1000 m) without derating
Options 2 Liebert Intellislots
Card Compatibility IS-UNITY-DP, IS-485EXI
Transportation / Safety ISTA Procedure 3B / UL 1778 5th Edition; CSA 22.2 NO 107.3
EMI / Surge IEC 62040-2; FCC Part 15, Class A / ANSI C624.41, Category B3
Seismic IBC 2015, CBC 2016, ASCE, OSHPD
Bộ lưu điện EXLS1 250KVA/250KW
Bộ lưu điện EXLS1 250KVA/250KW

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