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Bộ lưu điện GXE3-1000IRT2UXL

Tổng quát UPS  GXE3-1000IRT2UXL 1000VA / 900W

Liebert GXE 1000 VA rack/tower shown with an optional 2U external battery cabinet.

The Vertiv Liebert GXE UPS in an online double conversion solution which offers power protection in an affordable, efficient system with deployment and operation flexibility.

The high output power factor (0.9) of the Liebert GXE single-phase UPS enables continuous and reliable power to more connected devices, protecting them against many disturbances in the AC mains with the online double conversion technology and the input surge protection.

The high efficiency in both line and ECO modes of operation for this already affordable UPS also drives energy and operational costs savings.

Available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3kVA power ratings in either a compact tower form factor, or in a rack/tower design with flexibility for mounting in tower position or inside a rack cabinet together with the IT equipment critical for any application.

Moreover, the capability to add external battery cabinets provides scalable runtime for those applications requiring even a longer period of backup in case of AC mains failures. It is combined with a powerful internal charger with a maximum of 6 Amps for a fast recharge.

Liebert GXE 1-3kVA Features:

– High output power factor (0.9)

– High efficiency in online mode (up to 91%)

– Even higher efficiency (up to 96%) in ECO mode

– Compact tower only form factor or flexible rack/tower convertible design

– User-friendly LCD interface

– Fast recharge time (< 4 hours to 90% for internal batteries)

– Extended runtime with up to 4 optional External Battery Cabinets (EBC)

– Hot-swappable user replaceable internal UPS batteries

– Rack mounting kit included

– Remote management capability with optional Vertiv Liebert Intellislot IS-UNITY network management cards

– (8) IEC60320 C13 outlets (all models), plus (1) C19 (3kVA model)

– Automatic internal bypass

– Free UPS management software Vertiv Power Insight and Vertiv Power Assist

– Vertiv Life Service to maximize UPS availability

Bộ lưu điện GXE3-1000IRT2UXL
Bộ lưu điện GXE3-1000IRT2UXL


External Battery Cabinets Bộ lưu điện GXE3-1000IRT2UXL

Model Number GXE3-EBC24VRT2U
Dimensions, mm
Unit (W x D x H) 438 x 410 x 86
Shipping (W x D x H)
Weight, kg
560 x 600 x 235
Unit 16.2
Shipping 21.1
Compliance CE, CB report, UKCA, Morocco

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